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Hew-Tex is a premier mineral exploration company with an industry leading success rate. Working hand in hand with joint venture partners offering complete transparency in costs, risks, and production, we have set a new bar in Oil & Gas Investing!

What Sets Hew-Tex Apart?

Our mission to develop a solid portfolio of consistent production wells at the lowest level of risk. We seek to accomplish this by sticking to a few core service tenants in every deal we do.
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Premium Investment Opportunities Since 1989

We partner with with industry leading exploration companies to bring you the best ROI
Drilling Partners

Hew-Tex has developed and maintained relationships with many major oil & gas industry partners.  These industry leads and Drilling partners include Marathon, Exxon Mobil/XTO, Statoil, Hunt Oil, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Oasis Petroleum of North America. Invest with Hew-Tex and be in good company.

Oil Exploration Investment Opportunities, Houston TX

Oil Pump JackHew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation was founded in 1989 by Peter H. Hewett who remains the company’s President and CEO. Over the past twenty-five years, the company has evolved into a formable entity with oil and gas holdings in Texas, Louisiana, and North Dakota. Hew-Tex organizes and manages joint venture partnerships that participate in oil drilling investment opportunities Texas with the primary objective always being one that translates into profits for the company’s investor partners.

Quality, integrity, fairness, and total transparency are the corporate traits attributed to the company’s success.

Whether you are a seasoned oil and gas investor or contemplating your first investment, Hew-Tex will help you make informed investment decisions prior to investing. Please contact one of our oil and gas investment consultants in Houston for a no obligation inquiry including information about the significant tax benefits available to oil and gas investors.

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Premium Investment Opportunities Since 1989 We partner with industry leaders to bring you the best ROI


Complete Transparency

We work with our venture partners to help them manage their investments with complete transparency of cost, risk, and production.



We diversify our portfolio and exploration activities over multiple drilling joint ventures to aggregate our earning potential and risk exposure for every partner.



The tax savings afforded oil and gas investments allows you to obtain high yield monthly income with a minimum of investment capital.


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*You are considered an accredited investor if your net worth exceeds $1,000,000; excluding home automobiles and furniture. Or if you earned in excess of $200,000 per year individually OR $300,000 per year with spouse for the last two years and expect similar earnings in the current year. If you are interested in small oil exploration companies in Texas then fill out the form above and download your free memorandum today!

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Hew-Tex Recent Articles…

The Need for Oil

It doesn’t matter who you talk to, whether it’s a business man, a housewife, a college student, an entrepreneur or the person you just met in the neighborhood coffee shop, there isn’t a person around who doesn’t appreciate the need for oil in this country. read more…

Filling the Need for Oil

Whether you’re talking to a business owner, your college professor, your wife or your children, everybody realizes that we all depend on oil for all kinds of things in our lives. Many people don’t realize that filling the need for oil is something that is a necessity and not a luxury. Oil is not just something that’s used to heat our homes and fuel our cars. It’s something that’s used to make millions of products people around the world use every day. And Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation is a company that not only realizes this need, but we’re doing something about it every day. If you want to know about investing in oil with Hew-Tex, just let us know.

As an accredited investor, you have the opportunity to help with filling the need for oil by working with Hew-Tex. With so many ways that oil makes life easier, the need to drill more oil on a daily basis has never been greater. And when you invest with Hew-Tex, you will share in the profits of this lucrative industry with a company that is led by people with more than 60 years of experience. Peter H. Hewett is the President and Director of Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. Mr. Hewett brings years of experience and a track record of successful oil exploration and drilling that is hard to beat. This independent oil company is a place where the average person can invest directly with the company and cut out all the profits lost to middlemen, like financial planners and brokers or agents.

If you’re interested in filling the need for oil for millions of people around the world, call the experienced team at Hew-Tex today at 832-779-2078 and let us tell you about the advantages of working with us. We’ll help you understand the tax benefits of investing in oil and show you which of our current projects are open to you.


Advantages of Oil and Gas Investing

No matter where you invest your money, there can be good effects and bad effects. You might make money and you might lose money, that’s just a fact of investing. What people who invest with Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation can tell you is that there are advantages of oil and gas investing. How can they say that? Because they’ve been making money with oil and gas as accredited investors with Hew-Tex.

One of the biggest advantages of oil and gas investing is that you’re putting your money into a product that you know is a necessity for people all over the world. You’re not putting your money into something that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Oil and gas are commodities that have been around for millions of years. There is a critical need for oil and gas in countries every day, and that need is growing and not decreasing. So by putting your money into something that has such a great demand, the chances of making money with oil and gas investments seems to be a pretty good move.

When you work with a company like Hew-Tex, you can be sure you’ll have many different opportunities to choose from. You see, Hew-Tex is lead by Peter H. Hewett, and he is an oilman who grew up in a family of oilmen. He learned from little on just what it meant to work with oil wells and how to choose the ones that would be income producers. And when you work with Hew-Tex, you won’t need a broker or financial planner or anyone who will serve as a middleman to share in your profits. You can call the experts at Hew-Tex any time and talk with them about the projects that are available for you to invest in. That means you will keep all your profits for yourself. And that’s one of the best advantages of oil and gas investing with Hew-Tex. Give us a call at 832-779-2078 and get started today.

Get In On Oil and Gas Profits

If you follow the news and watch the price of oil and gas, it’s a good idea to get in on oil and gas profits now. Everyone realizes that the price of gas and oil goes up and down, and if you sit around and wait for the perfect time, chances are you may never take action. If all you do is sit and watch the market every day and never make a move, you’ll never know how many profits you’re missing out on. The nice thing about investing in oil and gas now is that you have the opportunity to work with one of the best independent oil and gas companies on the planet, Hew-Tex Oil & Gas Corporation. We’ll help you learn about investing in oil with Hew-Tex.

When you work with Hew-Tex, you’ll get the chance to work directly with our team. That means you don’t need a broker who will take a portion of your profits. Working directly with Hew-Tex means that you can get in on oil and gas profits that are available to you every month. And after all, isn’t that what investments are all about? Making money on a regular basis for an investment in something that’s a necessity means you’ll have extra money to do the things you really want to do, or money to sock away for your future or your children’s future.

Of course you’ll want to do your own research on Hew-Tex, but we can tell you that it’s a company run by Peter H. Hewett, who is the President and Director of the company. With more than 60 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, you know your investment is in good hands. And if you have any questions or need any information on how to get in on oil and gas profits, give the team at Hew-Tex a call at 832-779-2078. We’ll walk you through the entire process and show you all the oil and gas projects that are open for investing.

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Please contact one of our oil and gas investment consultants in Houston for a no obligation inquiry
including information about the significant tax benefits available to oil and gas investors.


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